Our striking program offers a wide array of striking styles to give our students the best of multiple arts. We emphasize proper technique from the basics, giving each student a tremendous foundation to build upon. 

The striking program's foundation has a heavy western style boxing influence and incorporates Muay Thai and traditional Ju Jutsu style striking to incorporate all limbs. We also focus on mindset and self defense for real world application of each technique.

Each class starts off with a high intensity cardio workout that transitions into drills that help each student increase technique, speed, and power. Every student works at their own pace and finds their own personal growth as their training progresses.

After meeting the requirements, our students are then allowed to participate in the optional sparring at the end of each class. This allows the student to test their skills and find their weaknesses each and every round.

This class is great for those who want to round out their fighting abilities or for those who just want to get in shape in a fun and friendly environment.